I like taking care of my body inside and out...I bought a Groupon to Love Your Skin because it's the "cheap" way to try something new. Oh boy!! From the first contact the staff was very friendly and gave me a sense that they were caring people. The atmosphere was very inviting and Hope provides a VERY personal service. She is very friendly, caring, knowledgeable...she made me feel as though I knew her for years. I felt very comfortable in her care. I totally recommend people to give it a try. A tip, you DO NOT have to get the Groupon at all because her prices are ridiculously low. I have monthy appointments, and I desperately wait for my next. I Love my Skin and it looks so good. Hope Rocks!!!

Hope is my new favorite esthetician!
Christina S. from Chula Vista


For years I've traveled near and far, bouncing from one impersonal esthetican to another, and spending way too much to feel like "just another client" that passed through the doors. Well, that is the past and now the only door for me is the one that leads to Hope!

Hope Acuna has an incredible talent and skillset for working with many skin types of clients ranging in ages. I've seen amazing results for my teen Godson, my younger cousin, aunt, and myself within the first few visits.

Hope is the esthetician for you if you want someone that...
-- will listen and work with you to get the desired results
-- is personable and experienced
-- will tailor a visit specifically for your needs (not make you pick from a package)
-- offers practical and sound advice

Yelpers, I hesitate to post this review because I'm sure you'll keep her booked for weeks on end--making it difficult for me to get my daily visits scheduled. But, truth be told, everyone should know about the best esthetician in town!
Eileen from San Diego


I originally came to Hope via Groupon and have since visited her numerous times and referred my mom!
Every visit is complete customized for you by Hope. I show her my areas of concern and she fixes them!
I'm getting married in three weeks and I couldn't be more happy with the results Hope has provided!

Serena from La Mesa

I have been going to Hope several times a month for almost a year now. She is the ONLY person I will go to for my facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, etc. Not only is she the BEST at what she does, her prices are beyond reasonable. She takes such pride in her work and you can tell she truly loves what she does. She is not only my esthetician for life, but now my friend as well.

Shannon A. from San Diego

Exposing my insecurities on the worldwide web is not easy. But, I'm not one to keep beauty secrets to myself, especially when I know they can benefit someone else. Ever since I was diagnosed with cystic acne, my heart has been broken. My face developed acne scars all over my cheeks. Thankfully, the cysts are a thing of the past and my skin has cleared up, but the scars remained. In my mind, I assumed that people are looking at the scars rather than me. I'm somewhat insecure to this day even though the scars aren't as visible, thanks to Hope who has been my esthetician for the past year.

However, ever since I've been going to Hope, the results of my skin's resurfacing has significantly improved. I'm not as insecure as I used to be. She performs facials and microdermabrasion with a diamond-tipped tool that smoothes the surface of my skin. During the winter, she gives me chemical peels. She truly cares about me and does what it takes to safely improve my skin. She does all this with a pure heart and dedicated work ethic.

She cares about me as her client and not only about making money. When I asked her which brush I should use for daily cleansing, she told me to get a Crest Spinbrush instead of spending upwards to $100+ on the rotating brushes elsewhere. She suggested I use a gentle face wash twice a day that's sold at drug stores. Her advice is realistic and her prices are fair enough that I can see her twice a month and she doesn't fluctuate in cost. She even has an email that includes coupons to save me even more money.

Just had the best facial with Hope. My skin feels so clean and soft, definitely a great experience.
Josephine Z. From El Cajon

 Hope, is simply phenomenal at providing the utmost care during facials.  Her clients are #1 and she goes out of her way to provide the best treatment possible.  She is very sensitive to client needs and accomodations.  You can tell that she is experienced because she is humble and lets you see the results for yourself.  She does not claim to be something she is not.  Her service is outstanding and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for day spa services

Hope exceeded our expectations and we felt the need to share a review of her services.  I would not write a review unless I believed in her.  She is a positive person which is exactly what you need when you are getting spa services.  She is not abrasive, only extra gentle and sensitive to client needs.  If you tell her you have sensitive skin she completely understands.  From my experience getting facials, she trumps the rest and is simply the best!   Thank you for everything you do!

Grace J from San Diego

love the individualized attention Hope gives her clients.  makes me feel so pampered and i am always getting compliments on my skin.  she is very accomodating regarding appointments- the best i've ever had!

Susan I from El Cajon

If you are ever in need of an amazing and satisfactory facial then Hope is the most indicated person to go to! She is brilliant at what she does and it is evident that she enjoys what she does - not a lot of people have this ability; Hope truly has the talent of bringing out the beautiful in everyone. I seek Hope at least twice a month and I always leave as a satisfied client. Hope is a very caring, gentle, and passionate esthetician who truly cares about her clients; she has always gone above and beyond to make me feel at my best. In addition, her work area is always clean and well-maintained. My face and I truly appreciate Hope and her many wonderful talents. Hands down, best esthetician in San Diego!

Maricruz from Spring Valley

Hope gives me hope that my skin will look and feel great for a long time. She is not expensive which is a plus in this bad economy. She does not introduce expensive new product, but provides simple tips that can be done with everyday things you have at home such as olive oil to moisturize your eyes, and a spin toothbush to cleanse. I recommend Hope to anyone, and I will continue to see her for my skincare needs.

Stacy C. from San Diego

First time I visited was for a facial. I, as I assume many others are super picky about people working on our face. I hate leaving a spa and later realizing that not all extractions were taken out or walking away dissatisfied with the massage portion of the facial because it felt weak. That wasn't the case with Hope. From the moment I met her she had a pleasant attitude. Throughout the facial she was very skilled, gentle and provided the correct amount of pressure in her massage. I was very satisfied with the end result. I felt relaxed and happy with my baby smooth, glowing skin. A few weeks later I came back for a peel. Again, very happy with the results of my new skin after the shedding of the old one.

Thanks Hope for the tip on your website about satin pillows. I sleep on my back and so when I wake the back of my hair is tangled, can't believe I now wake to silky, soft hair. My six year old son and nine year old daughter were constantly fighting over my extra satin pillow that I had to go out and buy one for each. I don't mind, its never to early to introduce your loved ones to healthy skin care.

A.M from San Diego


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